I can approach strangers with tranquility and confidence.

I am a socially confident person. I enjoy talking to others and they enjoy talking to me. Meeting new people is an easy and positive experience for me. I take every opportunity to interact with someone new.

I love to meet new people and share experiences!

Each new person in my life is a potential friend. I remind myself that every friend I have was a stranger at some point. So, each stranger is interesting to me. I know I might be meeting the best friend ever!

I am optimistic about meeting a new romantic partner. The next stranger I meet might be the love of my life. My romantic life is enhanced when I meet more people.

I feel calm, cool, and collected when I meet someone new. I find it easy to start and maintain a conversation. I always have something to say and make it a point to be an excellent listener. It is easy for me to smile and easy for others to smile in my presence.

Interacting with me is a pleasant experience.

My friendly demeanor puts others at ease. They can sense my inner peace and confidence. These qualities uplift them and make them feel good when they’re around me.

Today, I am open to meeting new people and starting conversations with strangers. My confidence in my social skills continually grows with each new interaction. I am ready to make a new friend today.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How did I meet my best friend? Best partner?
2. Where could I meet new people that are likely to be compatible with me?
3. How can I practice meeting new people confidently?

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