February 14, 2022

The Achievements Of Others Push Me To Believe In Myself

The achievements of others push me to believe in myself.

There are many people around me whom I admire. Their positive examples prove to me that dedication and hard work lead to wonderful outcomes.

When I see how a college degree affords great work opportunities to my friends, I feel excited. They are proof that the effort I put in places me in a position for greatness.

Sometimes it is difficult to juggle studies with a full time job, but I persevere. I tackle each day as it comes instead of focusing on the long journey ahead. I also keep in mind those who make it through similar situations with fewer resources than I have.

My employer is a self-made success story and he is my motivator. Although I am an employee today, I use his example as a driver for my own entrepreneurial success.

Being able to own and operate my own business is one of my goals. I carefully analyze the examples of other entrepreneurs and learn their processes. It is possible to be motivated by others without ever coming into direct contact with them.

All it takes for me to push myself is looking at the accomplishments of the people around me.

Today, I am proud to be under the influence of successful people who pave the way. It gives me great pleasure to use positive examples as motivating forces in my life. My drive comes from seeing others achieve incredible feats.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Where do I typically find sources of personal inspiration?
  2. In what ways do I reach out to mentors for guidance?
  3. What other elements play a crucial role in my ability to keep moving forward?

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