February 9, 2022

Life is too short and precious to live only for others.

I am a self-sufficient person. I pay the bills that require paying, I keep my priorities close to my heart, and I keep a nice home that I am proud to present to others.

By doing these things, I prove to myself that I am a responsible person and I am able to make decisions for myself.

Unfortunately, I am sometimes faced with people who feel as if I must take their way or the highway. That is unacceptable to me.

Sometimes, these intrusions can be as simple as a family member trying to sway me to marry before I am ready, buy a certain kind of car, or breastfeed my baby. Or it could be my neighbor insisting that we become best friends and that I spend every moment of my free time with her.

Regardless of the situation, I gather my thoughts and present them in the most respectful manner I can. Then, I simply let the person react as they may – my job is done.

It is unfair to me to feel as if I must live to please others. What about my wants? I need to tend to my own desires and values. Others must tend to their own wants and priorities and I must take care of mine

For this reason, I always speak my truth. Knowing what I want, I am free to let the ball roll in whichever direction the other party chooses.

Today, I stand by my values and refuse to be pushed in a direction someone else chooses for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I able to vocalize my opinion when necessary?
2. Do I set clear boundaries with others?
3. Do I often feel trapped into a situation because I have a difficult time saying no?

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