February 2, 2022

I am happy with myself. I relax and enjoy my life.

Laughter is a common sound around me as I live my life joyfully.

I watch a child in the park running and playing and I hear his genuine laughter. His mind is undivided as he fully enjoys every moment. He is truly happy and carefree. I am this child.

It is true that I have responsibilities and a busy life. Each day, as I look in the mirror while getting ready to face the world, I make a decision. I choose the kind of day I permit myself to have: today I choose to be happy.

As I travel through my day, come what may, I breathe deeply and smile. I feel the lighthearted happiness of the child playing in the park. When I close my eyes, I am there and I am happy.

My life fills me with joy, and I accept this joy as the sustaining part of my life.

Today I allow my spirit to play at the park. My body may be at work but my spirit is reaching for the trees as I swing higher and higher.

I look into my mirror and I choose to be happy. I breathe deeply and I make the conscious decision to enjoy life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Where was my favorite place as a child?
2. If my day begins to go astray, can I choose to begin again?
3. When I close my eyes, can I travel to my happy place from my childhood?

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