December 15, 2021

I am able to find the answers I need.

The answers I need to all of my questions and challenges are available to me. I am often surprised by how the solutions to my life seem to magically appear to me. I am blessed.

Answers can come from a variety of sources. There is so much information available to me, that I can often find whatever I am looking for. I am willing to take responsibility for finding the answers I need.

I am willing to ask for help. I know many intelligent and helpful people. All I have to do is ask. I avoid feeling embarrassed or shy. I know that I would be happy to help someone else. I just assume that others would do the same for me. I bravely ask for help whenever I need it.

My wisdom is always available to me. If I find a quiet place to think, the answers to lifeƕs questions often pop into my mind. I have experienced many things, and my mind knows the solution to most of my questions. I trust my intuition, because it is the voice of my wisdom.

Today, I am seeking the answers to my questions. I am open to all sources of information and wisdom. I fully expect to have my questions answered.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the greatest questions I have in life? Where am I most likely to find the answers I need?
2. How can I take more responsibility for discovering the solutions to my challenges?
3. Whom do I know that could help me?

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