November 20, 2021

I Treat My Body With Kindness

I treat my body with kindness.

I honor my body. I think about how far it has carried me, and how much it does each day. I appreciate its strength and endurance.

I eat nourishing foods. I fill my plate with fresh vegetables and fruits. I eat healthy fats and lean proteins. I snack on hummus and nuts instead of potato chips and candy. I limit how much white sugar and white flour I consume.

I engage in physical activity. I work out each day and look for ways to add more steps into my usual routines. I enjoy how my body moves.

I get adequate sleep and rest. I turn off the TV and go to bed on time.

I practice good posture. I avoid back strain by standing up straight and holding my head high.

I manage stress. I protect my body from chronic inflammation and other symptoms by engaging in relaxation. I meditate, take a warm bath, or listen to soft music. I slow down when I feel under the weather. I give my body time to heal.

I spruce up my appearance. Looking good motivates me to take care of my body. I wear flattering clothes and try out new hairstyles. I paint my toenails and moisturize my skin.

I listen to my body. I pay attention to what it needs.

Today, I remember how much my body does for me. I look in the mirror and see a friend who I want to treat with kindness and respect.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does the media influence my body image?
  2. What is one thing I love about my body?
  3. What is my body telling me right now?

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