November 15, 2021

I Celebrate My Achievements

I celebrate my achievements.

Both big and small moments in my life are worth recognition. Celebrating them reminds me that I am capable of great things.

Setting lofty fitness targets is intimidating but I know that I am capable of hitting them by taking small steps. I allow myself to feel good about each small milestone along the way. Each gives me the encouragement to keep going.

I avoid telling myself that an accomplishment is far from good enough. The standards that I set for myself are high, so I am happy with even a little progress.

When I celebrate a fitness goal, I buy myself new fitness gear. When I have new items to wear at the gym, I feel inspired to keep going. I like looking good when I work out.

Learning something new each week is a step in the right direction. When I apply myself with effort, the result is enough to be proud of.

I like to hold events in honor of things that I achieve. Having my friends and family there makes it extra special. Sharing my proud moments with them overjoys me because I love when they are proud of me as well.

Today, I spread news to the world around me that I am a high achiever. I stand proud of even the littlest wins in my personal and professional life. Honoring myself is a good way to show self-love and set myself up to be treated well by others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of my proudest moments in my professional life?
  2. Which people in my life do I feel inclined to share my good news with?
  3. What are some of the inexpensive things I do to treat myself?

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