November 13, 2021

Admitting ignorance is noble.

It is okay for answers to elude me sometimes. It shows that I am human and just as imperfect as anyone else.

My workplace is a haven for growth and collaboration. I encourage a space where people are able to learn from each other. My ears are wide open to hear the perspectives of my colleagues.

The wisdom of others is beneficial to me. I am happy to learn from them.

Whenever I am challenged by an issue in the office, I always ask for assistance. Bouncing thoughts off another person opens me up to varied solutions.

Homework is a team effort for my kids because we rely on different resources to figure things out. Although I am able to assist my children with most assignments, I let them know when I am baffled. It shows them that it is okay for even heroes to be clueless.

Sometimes I speak before thinking things through. I am ready to admit that whenever it is brought to my attention. I welcome others pointing it out to me when my statements are unfounded. Their correction is a blessing to me.

I am quick to apologize when my actions offend someone. It is hardly my intention to be unkind, but it is possible to offend someone unknowingly.

Today, I realize that acknowledging my ignorance is the first step in growth and maturity. Each day provides me with a learning experience that I am happy for.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I remedy my ignorance in the workplace?
2. In what ways do I go about educating myself?
3. How easy is it for me to come to terms with criticism about my choices?

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