October 25, 2021

I am bold and confident.

I am free of doubt and worry. I am confident in my capabilities in any situation. I am bold and confident.

I have the confidence necessary to accomplish any goal or task. I look forward with great anticipation to the experiences that lie ahead of me. I know I can be successful. I am capable. I am skilled.

I realize that life is kind to those with the courage to be bold and strike new ground. I am free of reticence and self-doubt. When I see an opportunity, I seize it quickly and confidently. Boldness is repaid many times over. My luck increases whenever I am bold.

My confidence comes from within. I am free from needing the approval or encouragement of others. I am centered and quietly confident. I know I can accomplish anything that truly matters to me.

My boldness and confidence are like a one-two punch. The combination can overcome any obstacles or challenges that might stand in my way. I foster both qualities every day. I know they are a key component of my success and happiness.

Sometimes, I might have a day where I feel somewhat unsure of myself. These are the days I take a quick break and remember how much I have already accomplished. This reminder serves to recharge my belief in myself. My confidence instantly increases.

Today, I am more bold and confident than ever before. Everyone can see my self-assuredness and it gives them confidence in me as well.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What beliefs limit my confidence?
2. What role models should I look to so I can be bolder?
3. How would my life change for the better if I were bolder or more self-assured?

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