October 11, 2021

Love guides my steps.

I consciously take on an armor of love at the start of each day. When I think, speak, and act in love, life is more beautiful.

Relationships with friends are rewarding because I focus on maintaining a positive mindset. I go into interactions by first reminding myself what I love about my friends.

My healthy views of others help me to accept them as they truly are. I am kind and sensitive to others because I see them as deserving of it. I see friends as beautiful because I look at them through loving eyes.

When dealing with difficult customers, I avoid getting irritated. The love that covers me reminds me that customers have challenges too. It helps me to empathize with them and deal with them lovingly.

When my own emotional challenges weigh me down, I sometimes become critical of myself. But I immediately practice self-love and remind myself that I deserve to be handled gently.

Today, walking through life with love in my heart, mind, and soul is my mission. I am ready to take the high road in each situation I encounter because I am a loving being. My happiness in life relies on my commitment to having a positive outlook.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which situations make it difficult to respond in a loving manner?
2. How often do I need to remind myself to keep love at the forefront of interactions?
3. How are my other characteristics impacted when I allow love to drive my actions?

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