October 6, 2021

I Belong Here

I belong here.

I am where I need to be. I have the courage to be vulnerable and authentic.

I am surrounded by supportive family and friends. I turn to them when I need comfort or congratulations. They give me practical assistance and constructive feedback. We challenge each other to keep learning and growing.

I perform meaningful work. I find satisfaction in developing my skills and using them to contribute to society.

I enjoy enriching activities. I use my leisure time to grow organic vegetables or study a foreign language. I build my confidence and self-esteem by becoming more accomplished.

I volunteer in my community. I express my gratitude by giving back. I work on a political campaign for a local candidate or organize a food drive at my workplace.

I practice my faith. I participate in a spiritual community. I meditate and pray. I discuss my beliefs with others and receive guidance on how to apply them to my daily life.

I look for what I have in common with others. I feel closer to my neighbors when I remember that we both raise children. I find it easier to understand my coworkers’ concerns when I think about how my work affects them.

I feel connected and engaged.

Today, I strengthen my sense of belonging. I appreciate what I have and where I am. I feel accepted and cared for.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one social group that I would like to join?
  2. How do I define being inclusive?
  3. What would I tell someone who says that they feel lonely?

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